Saturday, 3 January 2015

Life update // Where have I been for the last 9 months? ♥

Hello lovelies. 

I cant believe I am actually sat here writing a blog post, I have almost forgotten how to do it haha. I should start by apologising for my absence the past 9 months, so I am very sorry for that and thank you to everyone who has stuck by me and a big hello to all my new followers!! 

So where have I been? Okay well here it goes…If I'm honest back in April I just had a bit of writers block and was just feeling very uninspired I was also having one of those "my blog is rubbish" moments, very silly. Anyway shortly after this my boyfriend and I decided to move out and get a place of our own, very exciting, we found a lovely flat and we moved in at the end of June. Of course moving is very stressful and you find yourself with a massive list of all the new things you need and all the not so exciting stuff you have to do, so blogging was pushed even further to the back of my mind.

During the move I misplaced my blogging camera BRILLIANT so that was another excuse for me to put off getting a post up. Good news is I found it yaaaaay, I had put it in a bag inside a bag inside another bag. Nice. 

Sadly In September I unexpectadly lost my lovely Nan :( and this completely turned my world upside down, I lost my motivation life let alone blogging. The past few months have been so hard but I feel so lucky to have an amazingly strong family, an amazing boyfriend and some wonderful friends. 

I thought with it being a new year I should dust off my laptop and get back to blogging again. I have had people tweet me and ask me to start blogging again which puts such a big smile on my face,  I guess people do like reading my lil ol blog. I have put a lot of time and effort in to my blog over the past few years so it would be a shame to waste that. I will be sticking to my beauty reviews and makeup posts but I may broaden my horizons a little and start doing a few home/lifestyle posts. Let me know what you think and sorry again for my absence. I hope everyone is well and had a lovely Christmas and new year!! 

See you soon. Loads of Love 

Tiffany xxx 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Casual Daytime Outfit Inspo ♥

Evening lovelies! Whats that? Ive only just discovered Polyvore? YES thats right…shame on me right? Literally I've been having so much fun all afternoon with this. Talk about being late to the party but hey ho what ya gonna do. 

I thought I would put together a little day time look for spring. I think this combo would be perfect for cheeky shopping trip or a casual lunch date. Ive dressed it down by adding the Converse but you could add a chunky pair of healed sandals to dress it right back up again.

What do you think of my first Polyvore creation? Is this something you would wear? I would love to hear you thoughts so please leave me comments below or you can tweet me over at @Tiffsbeautyboxx. 

Have a nice evening loves, see you soon. 

Lots of love Tiffany xxx 

Friday, 25 April 2014

NARS Larger Than Life Lipgloss - Odalisque ♥

Happy Friday my loves, hope you all have a lovely weekend planned. Todays post is about my latest NARS purchase. Now I have said this a million times before but il just say it again…NARS is my all time favourite make-up brand, if I was rich I would own everything they sell…but I'm not so I don't booooo hoooo. When I was last in Space NK this lipgloss caught my eye so I decided to treat myself ;). 

Odalisque is a vibrant peachy/Orange colour with a very creamy and somewhat milky finish. Its a very thick gloss but I have found it doesn't feel overly tacky on the lips like some other thick glosses do. It feels moisturising on the lips even after the colour has worn off which is nice. Odalisque offers a semi opaque colour on the lips, If wearing this alone you will need at least 2 layers to really be able to see the vibrancy of this lipgloss. Its super glossy with a high shine finish, it makes the lips appear really plumped up and full. Odalisque is an unscented lipgloss. 

Let me move on to the applicator brush. Its tiny, the smallest lipgloss brush I have ever seen. The pros to this is it gives precise application. The cons being with such a small brush it takes a while to cover the lips, its defiantly not a swipe and go lipgloss, a little more care is needed when applying. 

I have been pairing this gloss with my MAC coral bliss lipstick (review here) and let me just tell you its a match made in lip heaven. The colours work so well together and popping Odalisque over the top of Coral Bliss really just makes it pop. LOVEEE IT.

Below is a picture of me wearing the lipgloss.

I really like this Lipgloss it works well on its own as well as layered with a lipstick, the formula is lovely and I love how it feels and make the lips look. 

What do you think of Odalisque? Do you own any NARS lip glosses? Please feel free to leave your comments below or you can Tweet me over at @Tiffsbeautyboxx. 

Thank you for reading. Loads of love Tiffany xxx