Friday, 29 March 2013

My absolute favourite hair saviours ♥

Through the years my hair has played victim to a fair amount of abuse.
My hair is naturally thick, curly, friztastic and quite unruly so as you can Imagine I have been the straightening irons number one fan from a young age.
I had always been very lucky with my hair it was always long, thick and in fairly good condition except a few spilt ends here and there.
My natural hair colour is a dark golden blonde and when I was about 19 I decided I wanted platinum blonde hair, surprisingly my hair took quite well to the change it carried on growing and remained thick and healthy.
A few years on I grew tired of the constant upkeep 'Barbie blonde hair' needs so I asked my hairdresser to take my hair back to its natural colour, I loved it at first and then a few months on I started to feel boring and surprise surprise I wanted the Barbie locks back again (uhhh ohhh).
Off to the hairdressers I went, as soon as those foils came out so did half of my hair!!! I was heartbroken, it continued to snap off for weeks after, I had gone from my hair resting just above my rib cage to it being above my shoulders and SO thin :( I cried for weeks, I also had horrible short little tufts sticking up left right and centre, it was a disaster!!
I tried all your typical drug store hair repair products but nothing seemed to help my 'beyond help hair', however with LOTS of online research these are the products I found which I can safely say saved my hair!

Anti-snap provides heat protection, reduces friction from brushing and helps prevent breakage and spilt ends. It helps restore the lipid layer of protection and resurfaces the cuticle.
You apply Anti-Snap to the fragile and damaged areas of the hair, I personally work it all through my hair and then apply extra to the more damaged areas for example the hair that frames my face.

I use this as a weekly intensive treatment, after i have shampooed my hair i apply this to towel dried hair and leave it for 15 minutes and rinse, you must follow with a conditioner as it may leave your hair feeling a little brittle if you don't.
I love the results this gives my hair it always looks healthy and full of shine :)
If your hair is very damaged Redken recommend you use this up to 3 times a week its really convenient to use as once I have shampooed my hair I just squeeze out the excess water out and spray CAT all over i normally do a good 10 sprays and massage it in. I leave it for 3-5 minutes (recommended time) and then rinse and follow with a conditioner. This product adds intense reinforcement and you can really see a difference after just one use, this really is a 5* product if you were going to try one i would recommend this one, the only downside is you use it up quite quickly.
This product is really clever as it is activated by heat so therefore it will carry on working even after up to 2 washes although i use it every time i wash my hair. It protects hair from the stress of heat styling and adds visible shine, it can be layered with any other styling products you use (i use quite a few lol) I apply a blob to this on towel dried hair comb through and style as usual :)
COCONUT OIL FROM HOLLAND AND BARRETT 453G £14.99: This really is a little gem of a product and its all natural so no hidden nasties what so ever!! I use it as an intensive treatment about twice a month i should probably use it more but its quite time consuming. I apply to dry hair and really cake it on, the product melts really fast in your hand or you can melt a chunk in the microwave and then apply it as a hot oil. I put it in early evening and leave it on for about 5 hours you can leave it on over night also. Every time i use this i always get a hair complement, it completely eliminates frizz and leaves hair super soft and shiny!! I also use this as a body moisturiser it works a treat and leaves skin so soft for days :)
Okay so those were my 5 little miracle products i know they are a little on the pricey side but they really are worth it!!
Shampoo hair
Apply Redken CAT
Leave for 5 mins and rinse
Condition hair
Towel dry hair
Apply Kerastase heat activated reconstructor milk
Comb through
Apply Redken Anti-Snap
Style as usual
Thank you for taking the time to read my post I really hope this has helped please feel free to comment with questions or advice on any other products. Have you had the same problem as me if so what products did you use???
 I read and reply to all my comments :)
Lastly just so you know I'm not exaggerating here is a before and after picture of me, in the 'after' photo I had had my hair trimmed so it was all one length after it all snapped off but it gives you an idea of the amount of length I lost :(
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Tiffany xXx



Monday, 25 March 2013

My First blog- a little background info ♥

Hello lovelies!! 
My names Tiffany and I am 23 years old. 
I am completely obsessed with make-up and everything beauty related I could sit and talk about it all day long so I guess I've found myself in the perfect place!! 
I have loved make-up for as long as I can remember and my obsession grew when I stumbled across youtube channels and beauty blogs. 
I've not had any training in make-up or beauty I've pretty much self-taught through watching endless YouTube tutorials and of course lots and lots of trial and error, however saying that I am in fact enrolled in to The Academy Of Freelance Make-up in London (better known as AOFM). The course I am doing is called 'The masters certificate in professional make-up artistry' and I start this in November, a long way off i know but I am so so excited!! Stay tuned as I will be blogging about my time there :) 
One of the reasons I wanted to start a beauty blog was firstly because make-up and beauty is my passion and I wanted to share that passion with all of you fellow beauty obsessed girlies :).
Secondly I must have endured every beauty related disaster possible ranging from ridiculously over bleached hair, bad skin, crap nails, rubbish eyebrows the list goes on and on lol! I gathered I could put all my previous (very bad) experiences to good use and hopefully help others who may be in similar situations, as I have always managed to come out the other end smiling with thanks to the amazing products I found (which of course I am going to share with you all as well as the not so good products!!)
Okay so that's a little bit of background information about me brief I know but hopefully helpful.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and hopefully you will enjoy my blogs to follow!! 

Lots of love Tiffany xxx