Monday, 31 March 2014

REVIEW // MAC Costa Chic Lipstick ♥

Hello lovelies I am here today with yet another lipstick, god I seriously don't know whats wrong with me at the moment lipstick obsessed. As we are now in spring and summer is that little bit closer I decided to treat myself to a summery lipstick (thats a good excuse right). I went for MAC's Costa Chic. 

Costa Chic is a gorgeously vibrant coral colour. It is one of MAC's frosted lipsticks which I must admit frightened me a little at first as I had images of looking like an 80's throwback but alas, the frosting is super subtle and in fact quite unnoticeable when the lipstick is applied lightly. I have found the best way to apply this is to pop a single layer straight from the bullet to the lips and work it in with my fingers. 

Costa Chic is wonderfully pigmented so one swipe is more than enough for a bright, even application. It glides effortlessly on to the lips. On first application it feels really moisturising, however after a few hours wear it can begin to feel quite drying, but fear not a little lip balm fixes this no problemooo. I have found the wear time to be around 4 or so hours however it does leave a coral tint to the lips. I don't really feel the need to constantly keep reapplying this lipstick because of the fact is does leave a tint to the lips. As I mentioned above, when it does begin to wear off pop a little balm or coral gloss on to the lips for an instant revamp. 

Costa Chic is such a perfect summer shade, it instantly brightens up your face. I think this lipstick is an all rounder when it comes to skin tones, as I have said before I am very pale and it still looks nice on me so I can only imagine how it would look on darker skin tones!! 

As Costa Chic is such a vibrant colour I think it would work best with neutral eye make-up, it would also look gorgeous with a simple winged liner. 

I hope you have enjoyed my post. Do you own Costa Chic?! My next MAC lipstick purchase will have to be Coral Bliss I think. Please leave me your comments below or you can tweet me over at @Tiffsbeautyboxx. Thank you for reading. 

Lots of love xxx 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

REVIEW // Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream ♥

I have never before owned a CC or BB cream, I don't know why I guess they just never really appealed to me, I like a good coverage foundation and I thought I could never get that from a BB/CC cream. Recently every time I have been in to Boots or Superdrug this has been catching my eye, so the other day I decided to break away from tradition and give it a whirl. 

The 123 Perfect CC Cream comes in only 4 shades which is quite limited but maybe the reasoning for that is because it's not technically a foundation. I of course being miss pale opted for the lightest shade, 31-Ivory. 

The 123 Perfect CC Cream has a lightweight oil-free texture. It blends effortlessly in to the skin and feels extremely light once applied. I have been using my Crown Brush Deluxe rounded buffer to apply this but I believe because of its texture it would go on just as nice using your fingers. The consistency of the CC cream is runny and in fact similar to that of MAC's Face and Body foundation if you are familiar with that product. 

The product contains 3 colour correcting pigments which help to battle redness, tiredness and dark spots, it also contains SPF 15 and claims to hydrate the skin for 24 hours. I can safely say it does feel really moisturising on the skin when applied and throughout the time you are wearing it. 

I would say the Bourjois CC Cream leans more towards being a foundation than a tinted moisturiser, it offers a light to medium build-able coverage with a satin-matte finish, I have found 2 drops is more than enough for me. I love how this CC Cream looks on, it's so luminous and really does wake your skin up, it also gives your skin that blurred effect at the same time as keeping it natural. 

Swatched on my hand the cream looks a little too yellow for me but once blended its fine. You can see from the photos above the excellent job it does of blurring the skin and covering redness. 

I am really pleased I picked this up, I love it. I have never used any foundations from Bourjois before but since I have started to use this I think I should purchase some more because I really am impressed. 

Have you used the 123 Perfect CC Cream? If so what did you think? What are your favourite Bourjois foundations? Leave me your recommendations below or you can tweet me over at @Tiffsbeautyboxx. 

Thank you for reading as always lovelies see you soon. 

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Monday, 24 March 2014

REVIEW // MAC Please Me Lipstick ♥

I seem to have developed a pink lipstick obsession, this is like the third one I have brought in the space of a couple of weeks. A girl can never have too many pink lippys though right? Thats my excuse anyway ;-).  Today I introduce to you my latest purchase…MAC's Please Me. 

Please Me is one of MAC's Matte lipsticks and it is described as a "mid-tone warm pink." Its also contains slight yellow undertones. I am really loving this colour, for me it's definitely a 'my lips but better' shade. I always get so overwhelmed when I am stood in front of all the lipsticks in the MAC store but this shade really stood out to me and I'm glad it did. 

As I mentioned above Please Me is a matte lipstick, and true to MAC's matte form it is, however I do think this particular shade is slightly more creamy in consistency than some other MAC mattes I own, definitely one of MAC's better matte formulas. 

When applying this to 'Un-prepped' lips it can feel quite draggy, so I do suggest giving your lips a good prep before hand. Before I apply any matte lipstick I always use a lip scrub and some balm just to make application that bit easier. The colour is opaque and it has an even application. 

I found the wear time to be excellent, I got about 5 hours wear out of Please Me and that included me eating and drinking. Obviously it wasn't still perfect on my lips after that time but I could still see the colour which I was really impressed with. 

Please Me is a very easy colour to wear and I believe it would look lovely with most skin tones and compliment a wide variety of make-up looks. 

Do you own Please Me? If s what do you think? Leave me your comments/recommendations below or tweet me over at @Tiffsbeautyboxx. Thanks for reading lovelies, see you soon. 

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Friday, 21 March 2014

REVIEW // The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter ♥

It's no secret that I absolutely love highlighters, I am drawn to them like a moth to a flame, it must be the shimmery goodness they posses. Now, I have seen this little baby crop up so many times, it seems all my favourite You-Tube gurus use it so naturally I HAD to have it…we all know the feeling!! I purchased Mary-Lou Manizer for £16 from Feel Unique. 

True to form the packaging for this product is so cute, I love the detailing. I always feel theBalm products look a lot more expensive than they actually are, which of course is a mega bonus. 

As you can see from the photo above the highlighter is housed inside a circular compact, the compact is plastic but feels nice and sturdy nonetheless. There is a mirror inside which makes it perfect for on the go application. 

Mary-Lou Manizer is a champagne coloured highlighter with golden undertones. I personally always steer towards the more champagne coloured highlighters as I feel they are more warming on my skin tone. This highlighter would suit all skin tones I believe, I am very fair and its fine for me.

The texture is so amazing, it's so smooth and buttery which makes application effortless. Mary-Lou Manizer provides a gorgeous glow to the skin without looking overly shimmery/glittery. This highlighter is extremely pigmented and trust me when I say it hiiiiiiiiiighlights. As it is so pigmented may I recommend a light hand when applying it especially for everyday use. There has been a few occasions when Ive got in the car for work glimpsed in the mirror and had to do an emergency finger blend!! However for nights out when your make-up is heavier… GO NUTS!!!

I was using a small fan brush to apply this powder but I have since swapped that for a small tapered powder brush, I found it was easier to apply with this as it gives more control and you can start of lightly and build it up if need be. I have been using this in a multitude of ways, along my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, inner corners of the eyes and to highlight my brow bone, it really does do it all!! Mary-Lou Manizer has been the perfect addition to my make-up bag. 

If your highlighter obsessed like me you NEED this, even if you not highlighter obsessed you NEED this…simples :) I hope you have enjoyed my post, thank you for reading. Please leave me your thoughts and comments, you can also tweet me over at @Tiffsbeautyboxx. Speak soon lovelies. 

Lots of love xxx 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Training to become a make-up artist at AOFM London - Masters Certificate in Professional Make-Up Artistry ♥

Today I am here to write a heavily requested post all about my time at AOFM (Academy Of Freelance Makeup). I did begin to blog about my time there and you can see that post here, but I only got as far as weekend number 1…go me! I have had so many tweets an emails from people who are looking to join the academy and many asking when I am going to write about the rest of my time there, so here I am wahooo!! I honestly have been meaning to do this post for ages so apologies for the delays folks, its gonna be a long one so go and grab a cuppa and a few biscuits and enjoy :)

As I did weekend number 1 in a separate post I shall begin from weekend number 2.

Weekend number 2. 

Saturday: Eyebrows, fake lash application and Glamour make up 

Our teacher for this day was a make-up artist called Barbara Carranza, she was absolutely hilarious, such a laugh. She is a Latino lady and had the best stories ever, I actually could have sat and listened to her all day. Her expertise lie in eyebrows and let me tell you expert she is! When she's not teaching at the collage she actually does semi-permanent make-up and she has also designed her own set of tweezers which we all got the option to purchase. Anyway so after listening to her incredible background it was straight in to an eyebrow demo. She began by showing us how to correctly pluck and perfectly map out a brow, heres a little diagram I drew during Barbara's demo…don't judge haha! 

We were then told the best products and brushes to use for brows and also told what colours to use for different skin tones. For example, use a plum colour for brows on people with olive skin tones. Some of the brow products recommended to us were the Benefit Brow-zings, Gosh Eyebrow kit (cheaper version of brow-zings) and a selection of eyeshadows. Then it was on to the scary bit plucking and mapping each others brows. We mapped them out how we thought they should be and then Barbara gave us 1-to-1 when it came to plucking *thank god* It wasn't so much plucking more just taking care of a few stray hairs. Here are the eyebrows I did. 

After lunch It was straight in to another demo, how to apply strip and individual lashes and a Dita Von Tease inspired make-up look. Applying False lashes on someone else was soooooo much easier than I had anticipated, especially the individual lashes. I thought individual lashes were going to be nightmare but apart from being a little fiddly they were actually surprisingly easy. If you do ever do a course at AOFM I can't recommend enough that you purchase Barbara's tweezers, they make applying false lashes a breeze, mine are so battered now from the amount I use them. A kit must have.

 The Dita Von Tease inspired make-up look was really fun to do, below is what I created. 

Sunday: Bridal make-up 

For Bridal make-up we were taught by a lovely make-up artist called Louise. The morning was spent discussing the 'business' side to bridal as this is the area most aspiring make-up artists start off as its where the money is. We spoke about how to get contacts, self promotion, budgets, covering costs, the importance of bridal trials and all of the other logistics that come with bridal make-up. It was then on to make-up chat, there are so many factors that come in to play when you do bridal make-up, things that I would never think of in a million years. We were taught how to do a mini facial and then shown 2 bridal looks which we created after lunch. There is so so soooo much to cover when learning bridal make-up so this day did involve a lot of listening and pages upon pages of note taking. For some reason I can't find any photos on my phone of the looks I created, annoying, sorry about that. We vaguely touched on Asian bridal but that is a very specialised area, I would love to take a course in Asian bridal make-up as it's so amazingly beautiful. 

Weekend Number 3.

Saturday: Catwalk 

Our teacher for catwalk was a Make-up Artist called Yin Lee, Yin has worked on hundreds of fashion shows so really knew the area well. We spent the morning talking about what goes down on fashion shows and how everything comes together and also how to get yourself in to the catwalk make-up scene. I won't lie after hearing a few of Yin's stories we were all feeling a little scared, it sounded very intimidating, but she reassured us it wasn't all that bad lol. It was then straight in to a demo, obviously a catwalk make-up look isn't going to be one you're going to rock everyday to work, Yin's demo was no exception. It was a really bold eye and lip. Below is a photo of what Yin created. 

We had to copy this like for like as obviously when working on a catwalk the models have to look identical. We were also given a short amount of time to create the look as you need to be quick in fashion. Ohhhhhh the pressure. When we were done we stood in a line and Yin walked round checking all of the looks and giving guidance. Below is what I created. 

Not the best, my eyeliner had taken a trip to wonksville, but not bad for a first attempt. 

Sunday: Black and white photography, lighting, TV, film and music videos

Our teacher for today was a lady called Barbara (different to the previous Barbara). I forgot to mention before, every lesson begins with the teacher showing you their portfolios. When it comes to black and white photography the rules of make-up kind of go out of the window. It's amazing how the colours change when you turn the picture black and white. We spoke about the best products to use and the colours that are still bold on a grey scale. We also covered lighting, an extremely important factor. We were shown how you can manipulate the lighting to make it work in your favour, such as creating natural highlights and contours with just light. We were also taught about the effects lighting has on make-up.

We then went on to learn about the make-up for TV, film and music videos. This was so interesting, again there are so many factors that you would never think of. We also touched on how to get in to the film industry, the working hours, money and how to create a Tv and film portfolio. 

Before we broke for lunch Barbara did a demo of a make-up look she would do for a black and white photo-shoot. When we arrived back from lunch we were greeted by a table full of Makeup Forever products, some of the coolest colours I had ever seen. We had to create our own look for a black and white photo-shoot. We were told to take pictures of all the make-up and then turn the photos black and white to see what colours worked best. Below is the look I created. 

That evening we were set 2 assignments that were due in for the following week, the first one was to collect a selection of tear sheets from various fashion magazines, we had to find a fashion editorial, beauty editorial, a no make-up make-up look and a catwalk make-up look. The second thing we needed to do was to create 2 mood boards for our professional photo-shoot, the looks we were set for our photo-shoot were a natural beauty look and an editorial look. 

My mood boards, I used autumn and winter as inspiration for my final editorial look. 

Weekend number 4. 

Saturday: Period make-up and eyebrow blocking 

We had a lady called Lina who taught us on this day. I was really looking forward to learning about make-up through the ages. We covered every iconic era and gained some background knowledge on the first make-up brands to come about and what people used to use, it was so fun to see how far make-up has come through the years. Lina then did a 1960s make-up demo, the classic cut crease and big bottom lashes. We then had to recreate the look Lina did. After we did that look we were shown how to block out eyebrows, this is literally the process of covering up existing eyebrows. We were then able to have a play around with special FX wax and spirit gum and drew on whatever kind of crazy brows we wanted. Again I can seem to find any pictures so apologies for that. 

Sunday: Body painting

This was tooooo much fun, we were taught by an incredibly tautened lady called Carolyn who has done some amazing work. The whole morning was taken up watching Carolyn do a detailed demo whilst showing us easier little things to do such as flowers, roses and butterflies. After lunch we were allowed to just play around with the body paints.  We began by just doing flowers and butterflies on each others arms and then she set us a task of painting a shirt on each other. I got some funny looks on the train home let me tell you. 

This is what I created…. LOL JOKES!!!! This is what Lina did on one of the girls. How amazing!! Below this picture is a little collage of what we did. 

Weekend number 5. 

Saturday: Male, mature and ethnic make-up 

For this area we had a lady teach us called Brianne she was really lovely. We covered in depth about all 3 areas of make-up, with male make-up its more a case of 'grooming'. We covered all the different types of colours and products to use of differing skin types and tones. We had 4 demos in total on this day, although we didn't have any male students Brianne just showed us the products and techniques you would use on males on one of the girls in our class, she did the same with the mature make-up showed us the best tips and products to use. There was dark skinned girl in the class below so Brianne demoed a look on her so we could see the different shades of corrector and concealers to use. We then had an oriental make-up demo, she showed us the best ways to do a liner and again the correct tones to use to correct and conceal. After lunch Brianne put a load of looks in to a hat and we had to pick one out and recreate it. It was fun to be put on the spot and let your creativity flow, I picked out a 1950s inspired look so I worked along the lines of Marilyn Monroe. 

Sunday: Avant Garde

Avant Garde make-up is all about being completely crazy, literally doing whatever you like. For this class we were taught by a man called Phillipe, oh my god he was so funny, absolutely mad!! The first half of the day we were shown how do to face charts which was really fun. Literally the wackier your face chart the more Phillipe loved it. The second half of the day we were allowed to just do whatever we wanted, there was some super crazy looks being created. 

Weekend number 6.

Saturday: textures

For this we were taught by the amazingly talented Michelle Webb. This was my kinda class, textures to me meant one thing GLITTER!! wahoo!! Again like everyday we were shown a detailed demo of a look using an incredible amount of textures, and then in the afternoon we were allowed to go nuts. I think this is the most fun I have seen a group of girls have glitter and feathers flying all over the place. Here is a look I created. It was my favourite look to create, even if it was incredibly time consuming and fiddly. 

 Sunday: Professional Photo-shoot day

I was literally so incredibly nervous about this day, I had a sleepless night the lot. When we got there it was straight in to action, there was a model sat down at our station and we had to crack on. Look number one was a no make-up, make-up look, so the focus being all on the skin, once you had done the make-up it was down to hair where you told the hair stylist what you wanted. I wanted a messy up-do on my model. You then had to wait until the photographer was free and then it was go go go. Here is the photo from my natural beauty shot. 

After the first look was done it was straight back to the make-up chair to begin look number 2, the look I created was a bronze eye and a bold red lip matching my editorial mood board. Again once the make-up was done it was back down to hair and then this time after the hair to a stylist, you chose an outfit for your model and the accessorises to accompany the outfit. Then back up to the photographer. Here is my second look. 

After the Shoot is all done you are given a disc with the unedited photos from your shoot, the photographer sits you down and explains how you go about getting the edited versions at an added cost. The above pictures are edited. I paid £100 for my photos, you pick one from each look but you get them in 3 different finishes so in total you receive 6 photos. 

I had a lot more fun than I thought I would during my photo-shoot it wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be. After the Shoot you are all given some champagne and chocolates while you wait to be called downstairs to hear you fate haha. Once downstairs you have a chat with the people who overlooked your shoot. They give you their feedback and you have a general little chit chat about whats next, and then……you are awarded with your certificate!!! Best feeling everrrrrrr!! 

I didn't mention it above but on the morning of the day we studied period make-up we had our shopping trip. We shopped form half 9 till 12.30pm and then came back to the collage for a lunch that was provided for us. The shops we went in to were MAC, Benefit and Bare minerals, we were due to go to Shu Uemura but it had closed down…annoying!! We received 35% discount in MAC which is where we all spent most of our money, we also signed up for our MAC PRO discount cards, yaaaay!! In benefit we received 20% and in Bare minerals 25% We were also given Pro discount cards from Bare Minerals which was a nice little surprise as none of us knew we were getting those. Would you like to see the results of my shopping trip :) ……

I had the best time ever at AOFM, I learnt so much and made some amazing friends. If your like me and decided a little later in life you want a complete career overhaul I couldn't recommend checking out AOFM enough. It really does give you the best start towards your dream job as a make-up artist, you get to use a million different high end brands so you get an excellent product understanding. It also offers an aftercare programme second to none. Only yesterday I was attending a FREE Charlotte Tilbury masterclass. Masterclasses are run frequently. They are also always offering assisting jobs via Facebook and Twitter for AOFM grads and chances to work during fashion week for London, Milan and New York.

Okay so thats all guys I hope its helped, I think I have covered everything but if you feel I have missed anything or been vague please feel free to either Email me at or Tweet me over at @Tiffsbeautyboxx, I am more than happy to help with any questions and queries you may have. I also have a Facebook page and if you could give that a little like I would be over the moon, I'm just trying to get myself out there so all help is greatly appreciated, the link for my Facebook page is here :) Thank you for reading lovelies.

Lots of love xxx

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

REVIEW // MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush - DollyMix ♥

As I mentioned in my previous posts I had a little online haul during the 10% off at Debenhams, so today I am introducing you to item number 3. You can find my other 2 posts here and here :)

I really love MAC blushers I think they have excellent pigmentation and really impressive staying power, so I couldn't resist popping a blush in to my online shopping basket. I decided to go for 'Dollymix' mainly because I loved the name and the fact it was a vibrant pink and I looooooooove pink.

Dollymix is one of MAC's sheertone shimmer blushers, I don't actually own any of these all my MAC blushers are matte so this was a nice little change. In the pan Dollymix looks very intimidating but if applied with a light hand it leaves behind a gorgeous berry flush on the cheeks. I have been applying it with a stippling brush and that seems to be working perfectly for me. At first I was a little worried as it's a 'shimmer' blush and I normally steer towards matte blushers, but don't let that put you off. It's a micro fine shimmer which doesn't look overpowering but instead creates a healthy pink glow to the skin. I would have to question this being a 'sheer' blush though. It is incredibly pigmented hence me saying a light hand was needed when applying it. I love this blusher and glad I picked it up, its become my everyday go to, its perfect for days when you don't really want to do much but just want a pop of colour on the cheeks :)

What do you think of this blush? What are your favourite MAC blushers? Leave me your comments or tweet me at @Tiffsbeautyboxx. Thanks for reading lovelies.

Lots of Love xxx

Monday, 10 March 2014

REVIEW // The Balm - Nude Tude Eyeshadow Palette ♥

It seems ever since the popularity of the Urban Decay Naked palettes the world and his wife have been having a pop at creating their own versions. I am fairly new to theBalm but while I was having a browse on Feel Unique I came across some of their products and this eyeshadow palette really stood out to me.

The eyeshadows are homed inside a magnetic cardboard palette which feels really sturdy, I wouldn't worry if I accidentally dropped this or would I have any concerns about carrying it around in my handbag. The packaging is so lovely with a gorgeous vintage feel about it. The palette is held in a card sleeve which mimics all the same detailing as the actual palette itself. The palette also contains a double ended shadow/liner brush and a mirror that runs the length of the palette. I purchased Nude Tude for £26.50 off of Feel Unique which I don't feel is too expensive bearing in mind you get 12 shadows and a double ended brush.

Look how fun this palette is. I love the 1940s pin up vibe it's giving off, it's such a gorgeous addition to anyones make-up bag.

Sassy - highly pigmented frosted white.
Stubborn - pinky peach satin.
Selfish - satin taupe.
Sophisticated - bronze/brown with golden micro-glitters.
Sexy - matte burgundy.
Serious - Matte black.

Snobby - Frosted champagne gold.
Standoffish - frosted peachy/beige.
Sultry - Matte brown (tan).
Seductive - satin bronze.
Silly - deep matte brown with golden and red micro-glitters.
sleek - deep chocolate matte brown.

As you can see from my swatches the eyeshadows are wonderfully pigmented. They are really buttery in consistency which in turn makes them a pleasure to work with, they blend effortlessly leaving behind a gorgeous polished look. After not really hearing much about this palette actually nothing at all, I have been left feeling very impressed and would highly recommend it to my fellow nude lovers out there :)

Do you own this palette or any other products from theBalm? If so I would love to hear your thoughts. comment below or you can find me on Twitter over at @Tiffsbeautyboxx. Thank you for reading lovelies, see you soon.

Lots of love xxx