Monday, 16 December 2013

Soap and Glory-The Yule Monty♥

Hello lovelies. 

It is no secret that I absolutely love Soap and Glory, not only do I think the products are amazing I am also in love with the pretty pinkness of all the packaging its just so cute and always draws me in. I would imagine I wasn't the only one who literally jumped for joy when they saw this gift set, but when I saw Boots were selling it at better than half price for one week only I nearly died!!!! Naturally I raced out on friday and just had to get myself one, I know I know its nearly christmas but I'm very much can't wait won't wait when I reaaaaaaally want something, ooops. It Retails at £60 but until this Thursday (december 19th) Boots are selling them at £27 AMAZING!!! Get in quick girls if you haven't already ;). Okay so enough rambling lets get on to the juicy stuff. 

From left to right - Heel Genius, Hand Food and The Righteous Butter. 

Sugar Crush body wash, Peaches and Clean 3in1 deep purifying cleanser and Butter Yourself moisture lotion. 

Sample sachets of Make Yourself Youthful, The Scrub of Your Life, Thick and Fast mascara and Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump in the colour 'Pink out loud'

So there it is the biggest bargain of the year so far, as you can see the products most definitely exceed the current price tag of £27, I just can't get over the amazingness of this set. If I had paid full price my only gripe would be it has 2 moisturisers inside all be it they are different but at £27 Im not going to say a word :) 

Did you rush out to purchase this or is it on your Christmas list?! Please leave me your comments dolls I always reply to them so make sure to check back or you can contact me via Twitter @Tiffsbeautyboxx. Thank you for reading girls have a lovely evening. Mwah. 

Loads of Love
Tiffany xxx

Saturday, 14 December 2013

How I do a red lip ♥

 Hello Lovelies. 

With the festive season in full swing I thought I would share with you how I do a Red lip, I know working with Red lipstick can be an absolute pig sometimes but heres a few tips which I hope can help. 

Prepping the lips

The most important step when working with lipstick especially bold colours.


 I swear by the Lush lip scrubs I think they are amazing, I apply a little amount to my finger and gently massage in a circular motion on my lips for about 30 seconds I then remove the excess.


I like to use a really moisturising lip balm on my lips and these 2 are my favourites to use especially Honey Trap from lush it smells amazing!! After I have exfoliated my lips I literally cake on one of these  balms, I then leave it to sit and absorb while I do the rest of my face, when its time to move on to my lips I just remove any excess which hasn't been absorbed. 



When doing red lips lipliner is a must, It helps keep the lipstick in place so it won't bleed out and makes it longer lasting on the lips, it also gives a nice sharp look. The liner pictured is Macs 'Redd' (one of my faves). I outline my lips first and then roughly fill them in with the liner. 

Ruby Woo. 

I think Macs Ruby Woo is just the best red lipstick, I love the colour it's so rich and vibrant, I also love the formula and the finish. The formula is extremely matte which in turn makes it quite difficult to apply. I never apply lipstick straight from the bullet to my lips I always apply some to a lip brush first, I think you get neater more precise results this way. After I have applied my lipstick I then take a concealer brush with a tiny amount of concealer on it and just run it around the out line of my lips just to really sharpen the look up I also apply highlighter to my cupids bow and then thats me finished :) 

Brushes used.

AOFM lip brush for lipstick application and a MAC 195 for the concealer. 

 Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my post. Please leave me your comments I always read and reply to your comments and appreciate every single one I get :) Have a lovely weekend dolls loads of love