Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lush - Twilight Bath Bomb ♥

Hello Lovelies. 

With winter etching closer and the days getting colder what better time to indulge in some gorgeous treats from Lush to accompany you in those nice hot baths. I hadn't treated myself to anything from Lush for a while and when I was in London on Sunday I walked past a shop and couldn't resist a little look. 

Todays post is on Twilight one of the four bath bombs I purchased. It's a beauty. 

I was drawn to Twilight like a moth to a flame because... yep you guessed it its PINK and also it smelt amazing, really sweet but also therapeutic if that makes any sense. While the pink is fizzing away it blasts out an amazing bright blue colour and a load of glitter, if you're not glitter obsessed like me this might not be the bath bomb for you. Once its all fizzed it leaves your bath a blue colour and FULL of glitter...AMAZING!!! The bath bomb left my skin feeling so soft, it obviously contains oils as it made my skin all waterproof if you know what I mean?! I will definitely be repurchasing this little beauty.

What are your favourite Lush products? Any recommendations for me? Leave me your comments below I always reply to them so be sure to check back. You can also tweet me @Tiffsbeautyboxx Thanks for reading Lovelies. Lots Of Love xxx

Saturday, 19 October 2013

NARS Fairy's Kiss Eyeshadow Palette ♥

Hello Lovlies. 

I am an absolute sucker for NARS without a doubt it is my favourite Make-up brand I just don't think you can beat their products, nothing I have ever purchased from Nars has ever let me down or left me feeling disappointed. I would love to say my whole make-up collection is made up of Nars but who am I kidding we all know Nars products come with a very hefty price tag so when I do have a spurge it is a one off, I think I will start treating myself to one or maybe two things from Nars each pay day :) so maybe in like 100 years il own everything. When I heard about Fairy's Kiss palette I just knew I had to have it the name alone is gorgeous so I knew the colours inside would be. 

The packaging for the Palette is the cult Nars Packing Black with that rubbery feel to it which collects mucky make-up fingerprints like no ones business, but oh well. I love the nars packaging so simple yet so sophisticated. The Compact itself Is a Few inches bigger than the standard Blusher compact maybe the same size as the Laguna Bronzer compact but I don't have Laguna (BOOOO) so I cant compare but I know its bigger than the normal blushes. Homed Inside you get 6 eyeshadows which are a mix of shimmer and matte, they are much smaller than the single Nars eyeshadows but plenty big enough to work with and they will certainly last. The Palette cost me £32 gulp I know but I just couldn't resist and the colours were just soooooo pretty!! The colours are amazingly pigmented and I cant explain how they feel on the skin so soft and velvety and so easy to blend they are also very build-able. I think it's a gorgeous collection of colours for autumn and winter and its ideal for everyday use for subtle smokey eyes but also build-able so you can create that evening dark sexy smokey eye. The compact doesn't come with an applicator which I'm not overly fussed about as I never use the brushes that come with palettes, I guess some people may be annoyed that you don't get an applicator if you are paying that amount of money but for me it wasn't much of an issue.
Now on to colours *love heart eyes*

GORGEOUS!!! The top row of the palette contains quite a bronzy feel as you will see from my swatches later, the first colour is a beautiful rose gold colour, the second is a much stronger bronze but still holding on to the pinky tones and the last colour is a bronzy brown which makes a lovely colour for the crease of the eye, the top row all contain a pretty shimmer. The second row is more matte with only a slight shimmer in the first colour which is a really pretty purple, the second colour is a kind of charcoal grey with a purple undertone and then lastly we have a carbon black. The colours in this palette all work so well together I just loveeeeeee it.

(Im not sure why I have the hands of an 80 year old women I assure you I'm only 24 hahaaa)

What do you think of the Nars Fairy's Kiss Palette?! I will create a few looks using this and share them with you :) please leave me your comments I always read and reply to them so be sure to always check back or you can tweet me at @tiffsbeautyboxx thanks for reading lovelies loads of love Mwah xxx

GlossyBox October 2013 ♥

Hello Lovlies!!

Is it just me or are the months flying past, I couldn't believe it when my October GlossyBox arrived on my doorstep last week. I always look forward to receiving my GlossyBox the element of surprise always gives you something to look forward to each month, However this month I was left feeling somewhat very disappointed with my box. I always see the odd negative review floating around when its GlossyBox time but this month I think every review I have read has been negative so this didn't fill me with joy while I was waiting for mine to arrive. The theme of the box was dark romance what with it being autumn and all I thought that was a good theme that had so much potential but I really didn't feel the products in the box matched the theme that well at all. I have always been pleased with my boxes theres always the odd product you think whaaaat or you just chuck in a draw but on a whole I have been impressed. This month was clearly just a naff box all round as I said above I haven't seen one review which says differently. Anyway I will stop moaning and let you see what I received.

Me Me Me Cherub Blush Cheek and Lip tint and Monu Illuminating Primer - These were the best products in the Box I think, The Cherubs cheek and lip tint is very similar to Benetint by Benefit, I have never owned a tint before just because they don't really appeal to me but since I received this in my box I will give it a whirl, this product was full size. The Monu Illuminating Primer is a 20 ml Sample size so big enough for a few uses, it's not particularly illuminating if at all actually but it feels soft on the skin so lets see how well it works as a primer.

Mystic Diamond Argon Oil and Harmony Moisturising Smoothie Serum - These are both tiny samples especially the hair oil I know you don't need a lot when using air oil but I think you will push getting anymore than 2 uses out of this, in all honesty I will probably palm this off to someone else (sorry mum) as I'm quite set in my ways with my current hair oils it doesn't have much of a scent so that was a little disappointing. The Smoothie Serum is meant to have a Lemon grass scent but again smells of nothingness weird! I will give it a try as you never know it might be nice if not il send it mums way.

I actually quite like this perfume and it has got a nice wintery feel about it but I will be honest I get really annoyed with perfume samples like this as I could go to my local Debenahms and pick up like 6 of these for free. I always feel these samples are a bit of a cop out.

So there was my October GlossyBox, what did you think? Maybe I was being a little harsh but I was just overly disappointed this month mostly because everything (except the tint) was a tiny sample size hopefully next months will be better. I think I will give it until christmas and then maybe look to trying another beauty box so if you have any recommendations please comment below or tweet me at @tiffsbeautyboxx Thanks for reading dolls Loads of Love Mwah xxx