Thursday, 7 November 2013

Pretty New Bedroom Bits ♥

Hello lovelies. 
I thought I would share with you all the new little bits I have been buying for my room lately. I love reading bedroom posts as it gives you ideas for your own room so I hope you enjoy this post. 

Baylis & Harding candle £6 from Tesco. Glass Jar with embossed heart £3.99 from TK Maxx this cute jar is perfect for holding bits and bobs, I'm using mine to house my cotton pads. 

Parks Candle £7.99 from TK Maxx, bird cage tea light holder £5 from BHS and china bird £3 also from BHS. 

How cute is this box I'm using it just as a tidy on my bedside table, it was £12 from BHS. 

Another Parks candle from TK Maxx, this one was £9.99 as it's slightly bigger than the other one. These bad boys retail for £30 so finding them for so cheap was a right little touch. 

Trinket box £5 from TK Maxx, again I'm using this as a tidy on my other bedside table. 

Heart shaped cushion, I found this little beaut in Matalan for £8.

So theres all my new bits and bobs, as you can see I love a heart haaha. I have given my bedroom a right little treat this week but theres nothing better than having a cute cosy room :) I hope you have enjoyed my post. Let me know what you think below or tweet me at @TiffsBeautyBoxx. Thanks for reading dolls. Lots of love mwah xxx

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

AOFM // Weekend Number 1 ♥

Good Evening Lovelies. 

I have had quite a few people ask me if I could blog about my time at AOFM sooooo here I am. I would do one big old post once I had finished my course but since I only attend on the weekends it would make sense if I wrote about each weekend and that way its still fresh in my mind. I hope you enjoy. 

Okay so after the stress of me nearly missing my train, getting horrendously lost in china town and ringing my boyfriend close to tears I finally found the academy wahooo. 


When we arrived we were shown where we can keep all our belongings, we were also given a locker to keep any valuables in. We were then shown to the class room where our beautiful new brush belts and brushes were waiting for us on the chairs *love heart eyes*. It was like Christmas Day for all us girls as you can imagine. We were also given cute little tote bags with the academies logo on it to keep all our bits in. 

We did quick introductions and then it was straight in to the learning. We were asked to bring notepads so we could take notes during the demos and make product lists. The academy had also prepared print-outs for us, we had one on the brush kits with detailed explanations of each brush and all their different uses, one on skin tones and selecting the correct foundation for clients, skin preparation, face shapes, eye shapes, make-up artist hygiene, product shelf life and lots more. Our Teacher on the Saturday was a lady called Zana Moses, she works in fashion and has worked along side some big names including Charlotte Tilbury. We went through the print-outs and then it was straight in to a demo. Zana did a 'No make-up make-up look' which we then had to recreate on each other. You partner up and share a make-up station. Heres my 'No make-up' look I created. 

After Lunch it was straight in to another demo this one being an intense black smokey eye and bold red lips. We were given 20 minutes each to recreate this look, as you can imagine 20 minutes was no where near enough time for any of us so we ended up having more like 30 minutes each. Heres the look I created. 


On Sunday we had a lady called Valentina teaching us, her work is very editorial, she has done lots of front covers on popular magazines including Vogue. She was teaching us all about highlighting and contouring and when to use cream and when to use powders. She also taught us about highlighting and contouring in different lights for example if you were on a black and white shoot. She demonstrated the correct ways to highlight and contour using both creams and powders, we then had to go away and practise on our partners. The whole time you're working the teachers come round to see how you're getting on and give you tips and help you out if you need it. 

After lunch again it was straight in to another demo this time on how to create 'glowing' skin. We then went away and recreated this on each other, it was really fun doing this look. Heres my take on 'Glowing' skin. 

I have leant sooooo much in just the two days I have been there, mostly how wrong my own make-up has been all these years hahaaa!! Seriously It was definitely the best decision I have ever made joining AOFM, I can't wait to get back this weekend. I have met some amazing girls and the whole experience is just so fun.

If you have any questions leave me a comment, I always reply to them so make sure you check back :) you can also tweet me at @TiffsBeautyBoxx. Thanks for reading lovelies. loads of love mwah xxx

Friday, 1 November 2013

Starting At AOFM (Academy Of Freelance Make-Up)//First Day Nerves ♥

Happy Friday My Lovelies. 

Okay So if you follow me on Twitter (@TiffsBeautyBoxx) or Instagram (Tiffanylouise1711) you will have seen me banging on about my upcoming course at AOFM. I booked it nearly a year ago maybe even over a year ago actually and I can't believe it has come round so fast, my first day is tomorrow eeeeek!!! I am really really really excited but also nervous I guess thats just down to a fear of the unknown and the fact I need to commute to London and I am crap with trains hahaa!

Make-up is my passion and it would be a dream come true for me to be able to work within the make-up industry, thats why I decided to take a course at AOFM. Like most I have self taught myself the basic make-up skills from watching endless youtube tutorials and reading books, however I felt if I wanted to turn it in to my career I need a much deeper understanding of all the different types and styles of make-up. I know getting in to the make-up industry is a tough old nut to crack and by no means am I expecting to finish this course and be a full blown amazing make-up artist, it will take years of hard work and dedication and like most things practice is key. Its always good to have a dream and hopefully one day I can make mine come true. 

The course I am doing is called 'The Masters Certificate In Professional Make-up Artistry' I chose this one because it covers absolutely everything, it takes you right from the basics all the way to the much more advanced styles of make-up such as Avant Garde. Here is a link to show you a break down of everything covered. 

Now on to the good bit and this is where you lovely ladies might be able to help me :) One of the days on my course is a 'Professional kit building day' which basically means SHOPPING wahoooooooo!! We get taken around all the big names in make-up where we are offered exclusive discounts some are up to 50% OH MY GOD SO EXCITED!! Obviously it goes without saying I need to make a wish list for this day. MAC is going to be the most heavily discounted as it's a MAC registered school, also when I have completed my course I get my own MAC Pro Card so I need to know your must have Mac products. Your favourite eyeshadows, paint pots, Pigments, EVERYTHING what ever you recommend let me know :) 

Okay so thats the end of my ramble wish me luck, I bet I wont be able to sleep tonight hahaa! please leave me your product recommendations below or tweet me at @Tiffsbeautyboxx. Thank you for reading my lovelies have a great weekend. Loads of love mwah xxx