Friday, 1 November 2013

Starting At AOFM (Academy Of Freelance Make-Up)//First Day Nerves ♥

Happy Friday My Lovelies. 

Okay So if you follow me on Twitter (@TiffsBeautyBoxx) or Instagram (Tiffanylouise1711) you will have seen me banging on about my upcoming course at AOFM. I booked it nearly a year ago maybe even over a year ago actually and I can't believe it has come round so fast, my first day is tomorrow eeeeek!!! I am really really really excited but also nervous I guess thats just down to a fear of the unknown and the fact I need to commute to London and I am crap with trains hahaa!

Make-up is my passion and it would be a dream come true for me to be able to work within the make-up industry, thats why I decided to take a course at AOFM. Like most I have self taught myself the basic make-up skills from watching endless youtube tutorials and reading books, however I felt if I wanted to turn it in to my career I need a much deeper understanding of all the different types and styles of make-up. I know getting in to the make-up industry is a tough old nut to crack and by no means am I expecting to finish this course and be a full blown amazing make-up artist, it will take years of hard work and dedication and like most things practice is key. Its always good to have a dream and hopefully one day I can make mine come true. 

The course I am doing is called 'The Masters Certificate In Professional Make-up Artistry' I chose this one because it covers absolutely everything, it takes you right from the basics all the way to the much more advanced styles of make-up such as Avant Garde. Here is a link to show you a break down of everything covered. 

Now on to the good bit and this is where you lovely ladies might be able to help me :) One of the days on my course is a 'Professional kit building day' which basically means SHOPPING wahoooooooo!! We get taken around all the big names in make-up where we are offered exclusive discounts some are up to 50% OH MY GOD SO EXCITED!! Obviously it goes without saying I need to make a wish list for this day. MAC is going to be the most heavily discounted as it's a MAC registered school, also when I have completed my course I get my own MAC Pro Card so I need to know your must have Mac products. Your favourite eyeshadows, paint pots, Pigments, EVERYTHING what ever you recommend let me know :) 

Okay so thats the end of my ramble wish me luck, I bet I wont be able to sleep tonight hahaa! please leave me your product recommendations below or tweet me at @Tiffsbeautyboxx. Thank you for reading my lovelies have a great weekend. Loads of love mwah xxx


  1. Good luck! You'll be fine - what a great opportunity :)

  2. Oh my goodness :D
    You'll be fine I bet and I hope you have a lovely first day.
    I was having a look online, do you have to of done a course with them before to do this one? Confused me haha. Let me know how you get on <3 xoxo

    1. Thank you my lovely!! :) your so sweet!! No you can just go straight in to this one as it takes you from basics to advanced!! The website is so confusing isnt it!! XxxX

  3. Aw good luck :) This sounds like such an amazing experience and your so lucky to be going on it..woo!
    Becka x

  4. You are one lucky girl :) With 50% off, you don't need our suggestions- just buy everything ;) I'm sure you'll pick great products. Good luck on your first day.
    If you'd like to follow each other (gfc, bloglovin), just let me know. xx


  5. Thank you so much!! :)) haha your right I should just buy EVERYTHING!! Eeek!! Thanks for reading :)) xxx

  6. Sounds amazing! Good luck with it all xo

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