Saturday, 14 December 2013

How I do a red lip ♥

 Hello Lovelies. 

With the festive season in full swing I thought I would share with you how I do a Red lip, I know working with Red lipstick can be an absolute pig sometimes but heres a few tips which I hope can help. 

Prepping the lips

The most important step when working with lipstick especially bold colours.


 I swear by the Lush lip scrubs I think they are amazing, I apply a little amount to my finger and gently massage in a circular motion on my lips for about 30 seconds I then remove the excess.


I like to use a really moisturising lip balm on my lips and these 2 are my favourites to use especially Honey Trap from lush it smells amazing!! After I have exfoliated my lips I literally cake on one of these  balms, I then leave it to sit and absorb while I do the rest of my face, when its time to move on to my lips I just remove any excess which hasn't been absorbed. 



When doing red lips lipliner is a must, It helps keep the lipstick in place so it won't bleed out and makes it longer lasting on the lips, it also gives a nice sharp look. The liner pictured is Macs 'Redd' (one of my faves). I outline my lips first and then roughly fill them in with the liner. 

Ruby Woo. 

I think Macs Ruby Woo is just the best red lipstick, I love the colour it's so rich and vibrant, I also love the formula and the finish. The formula is extremely matte which in turn makes it quite difficult to apply. I never apply lipstick straight from the bullet to my lips I always apply some to a lip brush first, I think you get neater more precise results this way. After I have applied my lipstick I then take a concealer brush with a tiny amount of concealer on it and just run it around the out line of my lips just to really sharpen the look up I also apply highlighter to my cupids bow and then thats me finished :) 

Brushes used.

AOFM lip brush for lipstick application and a MAC 195 for the concealer. 

 Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my post. Please leave me your comments I always read and reply to your comments and appreciate every single one I get :) Have a lovely weekend dolls loads of love


  1. I agree that prep is extremely important when you want to have a bold lip, especially in winter. Great post Tiffany :)

    Michaela-Leigh xx

    1. Awww thank you!! :)) yes its so inportant!!!! You dont want horrible dry cracked lips lol! Thanks for reading hun :)) xxx

  2. I have lazy days when I just moisturize my lips and then go red...but the best is truly to do lip liner and concealer around. They make the lips truly POP! I def agree about Ruby Woo being fantastic...Russian Red is my signature red but yea. Does anyone do red like Mac? Nope!


  3. It really does :)) but we all have lazy days sometimes!! When im having a lazy day but want to wear red My go to is Macs lipglass in russian red I loveeee it :) thanks for reading hun!! XxxxX

  4. this was so helpful, I am sick of going out and my lipstick rubbing off halfway through the evening, I will definitely give some of the lip scrub a go the next time I go out, thanks for the tips! The concealer tip was interesting, I'll deffo try it!


    1. Ohhh im glad it helped hun!! The lip scrubs are amazing :)) thanks for reading!! XxxX