Saturday, 6 April 2013

Soap and Glory-Scrub Your Nose In It ♥

Hello Lovelies!!
I wanted to do a quick post on one of my all time favourite face products 'soap and glory's Scrub Your Nose In It' because ...well I think it really deserves one!!
I have been using this product for years, I first came across it when I was desperately searching the shelves in Boots for a product that was actually going to help my skin and not make it worse which most drug store skin products seemed to do and believe me I had tried EVERYTHING. I used to suffer with really bad skin when I was younger I also had/still have very sensitive skin which can be extremely temperamental, even to this day though my skin is now clear I get scared of using new products in case my skin flares up.
Anyway so there I was scanning the shelves and Scrub Your Nose In It caught my eye, I wont lie the reason it caught my eye was purely because it was in a pink tube and I really liked the style of it (well done Soap and Glory) so I had a read of the back liked what it said and thought I would try it out, how glad I am that I did :)

The Product:
in the words of Soap and Glory: "At last - a simple solution for large pores and clogging. Just Scrub Your Nose In It™ with this amazing face scrub. Our fruit-acid formula leaves skin looking bright and radiant."
As the name suggests it is a scrub but its so fine that it is gentle enough to use everyday, it also doubles up as a mask Soap and Glory say: "Just leave a thin layer on skin 3 minutes longer for an oil absorbing, brightening pore cleansing mask." I often use it as a mask before a night out or if I am having a bad skin day.
I really don't think I could say enough amazing things about this product after I have used it my skin always look flawless and radiant, it absorbs any excess oils on the face and leaves your skin soft and smooth.
Although the product doesn't claim to 'clear' skin up or be a 'spot' treatment in anyway it really did wonders for my skin, with regular use my spots slowly started to disappear.
Even my Brother uses this (he will kill me for announcing that haha) he works with food so his skin is very oily and greasy from work and he is prone to breakouts, he had run out of his own face wash so grabbed the nearest thing to him around the sink which happened to be Scrub Your Nose In It he liked it so much he carried on using it (without asking I might add) until I noticed It was quickly going down, so I went to blame my mum and my brother was like umm sorry its me using it, so next time I went to get some I got some for him and he's been using it ever since, he finds it really clears his skin up to and removes ALL traces of oil.
It smells amazing too its minty and fruity at the same time if that makes sense so you really do get that super fresh feeling.
I purchase it from Boots they sell it for £7.50 for 125ml, Boots more often than not has 3 for 2 on all beauty and skincare products so I always stock up and it lasts a long time as you only need a pea sized amount.™-Scrub-Your-Nose-In-It™-Face-Scrub-And-Mask-125ml_46322/#detailedInfo


If you didn't already guess I would give this product an easy 10/10!!! Its by far my favourite product in my skincare routine and its in a pretty pink tube bonus :)

Thank you for taking the time to ready my post please comment below with any questions or recommendations of your own, have you used this? what did you think? let me know I read and appreciate all of your comments :)

loads of love

Tiffany xxx


  1. I'm such a Soap and Glory addict, I literally have tonnes of the stuff but for some reason I don't have Scrub Your Nose in it. I think you've made me need another product! ;) XX

    Hannah; Glitter and Sparkle

    1. Oh my gosh hun!! Me to!! I love it!! I spend ages down the aisle in boots!! Cant drag myself away! Yes try this out its amazing :) any excuse to go and have a spend ;) xxx

  2. ah thank you for this!
    I think I'll be buying this soon, I loveee Soap and Glory. :)