Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Beach Hair Without the Beach ♥

Hello my lovelies I hope your all well.
So summer is on the horizon and I don't know about you  but I like to make my 'summer' beauty routine as simple and as natural as possible especially when it comes to my hair. I thought I would share with you the products and tools I use to create 'Beach waves' on my hair, I love the 'beachy' look its perfect for summer and so quick and effortless to achieve.
So there's a few posey piccies just to show you how my hair looks.
The Products And Tools Used.
Wash and dry your hair as you normally would, I often find it works better if you allow your hair to dry naturally but if you don't have the time or patience for this then it will still work perfectly on 'rough' blow-dried hair, also apply any leave-in treatments or heat protectors that you usually would use this wont affect the outcome at all.
So once my hair is dry I use my Mark Hill 'Wicked Wave Wand', when I first got this I thought I would be sitting in front of the mirror for hours like I did when I used to use a curling tong but my god this is the BEST hair tool ever the results it gives are amazing and its so quick to use, I would say to get all my hair wavy it takes me about 10 minutes if that even when I am wearing my extensions which are 22" it still takes only 10 minutes or so, I'll find a picture of me with my extensions in so you can see the results on longer hair also.
Once I have waved my Hair with my Wave Wand I use Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray, This is a Great product and an amazing dupe for the famous Bumble and Bumble surf spray. I spray a load in to my hands and then scrunch my hair from root to tip and shape it how I want to, by all means spray it directly on to your hair I just find it easier putting in in to my hands. It has great staying power and really does hold your style and it smells lovely and summery also.
My hair is very thick and frizzy so just for extra insurance I also use 'V05 Give me  texture Tousled spray' again I spray this in to my hands and scrunch it through my hair, this product isn't a salt spray more of like a gel/hairspray but IT DOES NOT make your hair crispy at all, its still very movable and soft to touch.
Lastly just for that Big Hair look I use 'V05 plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray' This is a root booster so I spray on to my roots and rough my hair up, it saves backcombing your hair as this spray does it all for you. perfect.
when im in a rush or feeling lazy I skip the Wave Wand and Apply the salt spray directly to wet hair and leave it to dry naturally it still gives really lovely results when used this way. Salt spray would be a winner to take on holiday especially if your like me and constantly in and out of the pool, avoid those bad pool hair styles by spaying this in after your swim :)
I hope you have enjoyed my post please leave me you comments I will always reply to you, what products do you love for your hair? If you have any suggestions let me know I always love to find new products :)
Ohh just quickly here is a photo of me wearing extensions which I have styled with my Wave Wand.
Lots Of Love
Tiffany xxx


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