Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment ♥

Hello Lovelies.
I Hope your all well and enjoying this gorgeous weather. This evenings post is on the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment its actually named 'For Hair that Never Grows Past A Certain Length' but that's very long winded so lets stick with hair growth treatment. So last month me and a friend were in Boots and we saw this product, Lee Stafford products always stand out to me because well if you didn't guess there pink amazing. Anyways so we saw this and had a read through what it promised and liked what we saw so we both purchased a tub.
Product Info:
'Hair Growth Treatment with Pro-Growth Complex for strength within, a protein based complex to fertilize your follicles creating a healthy environment on the scalp to help hair grow faster and reach maximum potential length' .
Now I don't know about you but I am a sucker for anything which claims to help my hair grow and with a clever name like this product girls will pick this up all day long even though deep down we have our doubts about if it will ACTUALLY help our hair grow. Its a 200ml tub and costs £7.99 from Boots, you are advised to use an egg (yes egg???) sized amount on your hair after you have shampooed and then your to leave it for 5 minutes wash off and condition as usual, it smells lovely like all the Lee Stafford Products and is slightly pink in colour.
My Thoughts:
So I was itching to start using this even though in the back of my mind I was like this is never going to work in a million years. After the first use I was pleasantly surprised my hair felt and looked amazing, really shiny, frizz free and full of life, result. I like. When you apply the product it feels quite heavy and thick on the hair so I was a bit worried it would make my hair greasy but it didn't at all, after a few more uses I really started seeing a difference in my hair it was healthier and much thicker and by the end of my first tub I had noticed a bit of length wahooooo, now im not saying I woke up looking like Rapunzel that would of been fab but we defiantly have some growth coming along and a few people have even said to me my hairs grown yaaaaay. My friend who also brought this has been using it regularly and her hairs looking lovely and healthy too (we both had slightly colour/heat damaged blonde hair). I am now on my second tub and absolutely loving it, this product has fast become my holy grail and will have a firm place in my hair routine for a long time :)
One tub lasts me about a month maybe just under as using an egg sized amount every time is quite a lot but I don't think £7.99 is that bad compared to other hair treatments I have owned also boots more often than not have offers on so that's a good chance to stock up.
Have you used this before? If not what are your top products or tips for healthy hair and growth I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave me a comment :)
Thank you for reading  Mwah.


  1. OMG!! I'm so going to invest in this. Looks great! My hairs at that stage where it just went grow anymore so hopefully this may give it some life.

    Please check out;

    Thanks x

    1. Yaaaaaaay do it :)) its amazing!!! Let me know what you think!! XxxxX

  2. I am trying to grow my hair but it is definitely stuck at the length it is now :( I'll try this product out as it is in desperate need of something to give it a boost! :) x

    1. Ohhh yes!! Try it :)) its helped me lots!! XxxX

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