Saturday, 7 September 2013

My Trip To The Crown Brush Warehouse//Haul ♥

Hello Lovelies. 
Today's post is all about my little trip to the Crown Brush warehouse. When I received an Email telling me that Crown Brush were opening their warehouse for one day I just knew I had to go. I absolutely love their products I think they are amazing and such Fab value, I own quite a few of their brushes and they are just amazing, I also own the '10 Concealer Palette' and the 'Smoke It Out Palette' both of which I use everyday without fail, amazing products I will link the website below if you fancy checking them out  :) Anyway so when I heard about this opening I thought to my self "oh any money the warehouse will be hours away from where I live" I never have any luck lol, howeverrrrrr I discovered it was 30 minutes from me wahooooooooooo just straight down the M25 AMAZING!! I was so excited as you can only order online and this was an opportunity to have a proper look and feel of all the brushes, swatch the palettes and check out all the other accessories. I literally wanted everything I was so over whelmed There was just SOOO much stuff I didn't know where to start it was liked I had died and gone to make-Up Brush heaven, I also Met Karla Powell which I am so chuffed about she is an insane make-up artist and such an inspiration to me so that made my day!! I also Met this little cutie if you follow Crown Brush on Twitter or Instagram you will know who this is....

Such a cutie!!!!!

Anyway so on to what I brought I cant believe I was so controlled I wanted everything!!

C143 DELUXE SOFT FAN: I don't own a fan brush and I have been after one for ages so decided to pick one up this brush is so soft like SOOOO soft.

C108 FLAT BRONZER: I loved the look and feel of this brush I think I will personally use it as a kind of buffing brush for my Foundation the hairs are really nice and compact and really soft so I think it will do a good job of applying a foundation.

POWDER BRUSH: I couldn't resist this one it was so beautifully soft and will be amazing for powder applications.

BLUSH BRUSH: As much as I love my Real Techniques Blush Brush I sometimes find I can get a bit blusher happy and it's not until I get outside Im like niceeeeee I have a pink face hahaaa so with this little beauty I will have a much more controlled application of my blusher.

 Last up we have the 10 Blusher Palette how amazing is this, just look at those beautiful colours and so versatile, you have all the colours you could ever need within this palette, colours to suit any mood on any day. I will most definitely review this palette in full as its just so gorgeous!!!

Crown Brush were giving everyone who came down 20% off which is amazing as their products are so well priced anyway so with my discount I only ended up spending £45 I had that moment when I was like ohh shall I go back and get more, but now I have studied all the products in detail I can just order online knowing what they will be like. It was such a good day all the staff were really lovely and gave one on one if you needed any help picking bits or advice on any products, If they hold one again which I really hope they do I couldn't recommend enough that you go along (if you live within sensible distance of course) It an amazing opportunity. you can click here for the link to their website check it out as it really is amazing I can't Explain how good the products are.

Thanks for reading as always dolls, please leave me your comments and questions I love hearing from you and I always Reply to them :)

Loads of Love


  1. Great post! It looks like you got some awesome stuff!

    Maddy @

  2. Those blushes are beautiful! So jealous.

  3. Very lovely!

  4. The brushes look amazing and the blush palette is just perfect, need to get my hands on that! xx

    1. I know its so gorgeous!! :)) thanks for reading! XxX

  5. The brushes look really nice,I love good quality brushes.
    I've just followed your blog, I love it.


    1. Thank you!! :)) followed back hun :) xxx