Thursday, 19 September 2013

Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencils ♥

Hello Lovelies.

Hope you are all okay Friday Tomorrow yaaaaaay. This evening I thought I would share with you my latest Make-up bag additions. 

I spotted these in Superdrug the other day and I really loved the look of them, Collection describe them as Velvety, soft blendable eyeshadow pencils which are waterproof and long lasting. They retail at £3.19 however Superdrug have them for £2.50 at the moment. 

Here we have Vanilla Sky, this stood out to me because I thought it would make a gorgeous base colour and also a perfect highlighter for the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes, I can safely say its  blendable as I find some Eyeshadow pencils a bit sticky the formula for these are lovely and creamy. 

This colour is Midnight Sky, I was drawn to this as it's a lovely Glitzy Black colour, I thought it would be lovely to use as a liner.


As you can see Vanilla Sky is a Gorgeous Champagne colour, It makes the perfect highlight shade and really opens up the eyes. Midnight Glam is a gorgeous deep black colour, it does contain a slight shimmer but Im not sure the picture shows it that well but it really gives it dimension, I am really impressed by these eyeshadow pencils I think they are gorgeous and they really are long wearing which is amazing considering the price. I will most defiantly treat myself to the rest of the colours in the range.

Have you tried the Collection Eyeshadow Pencils?? If so what did you think? I love to hear from you so please leave me your comments :) Thanks for reading as always Girls Lots of Love xxx


  1. I've seen these quite a bit around blogger, I want to get my shade in Vintage Blush! :) xx

    1. Ohhhh this was the first time I had seen them! That shade sounds lovely il keep mu eyes out for it :) xxx

  2. These are super pretty I have the vanilla sky its beautiful :) really like your blog now following would love if you followed back! xx

    1. Thank you!! :)) following you also! Thanks for reading! Xx