Friday, 24 January 2014

GlossyBox//January 2014 ♥

Good evening lovelies. 

I thought I would do a quick post on my January GlossyBox, this is actually going to be my last ever GlossyBox as I have cancelled my subscription. The Boxes have been so lame recently, I was holding out for the Christmas box as I had high hopes that it might be half decent..sweet baby Jesus it was AWFUL. I couldn't even tell you one thing it had in there actually, the only thing I can tell you is it had absolutely NO relevance to Christmas what so ever…what the??? I kept meaning to cancel after Christmas but you know what its like around that time of year a million and one other things on your mind, before I knew it I received an Email saying they were taking Januarys payment…God damn it. Anyways I have now cancelled so here is my last ever GlossyBox post, I would say I feel sad but……I don't. 

Doesn't the contents of this just look so drab to you? Maybe I'm being harsh but…BORRRRRING. 

Okay so first up we have a Balance Me super toning body wash, Anatomicals under eye patches and a Vaseline essential moisture body lotion. There were only 2 items in the box I was pleased with and these eye patches were one of them I am quite looking forward to trying these I like Anatomicals so I have high hopes. 

Next we have 2 small samples of Yu-Be skin cream and some Vintage Cosmetic company tweezers, these were the second things in the box I was pleased with as they are actually really cute and tweezers are always useful. The Yu-Be skin cream from what I can gather is a kind of all round 'miracle' cream that can be used for lots of different things such as dry skin, chapped lips, sun burn, eczema, spilt cuticles and hard heels. Even if I like this cream its japanese so I don't know how easy it will be to repurchase again. 

So there was the contents of my last ever GossyBox, do you think I am being harsh or do you think this box just looks boring? I really hate writing negative posts but I do just feel a little let down by GlossyBox. If any of you lovely lot could recommend another beauty box I could subscribe to that would be amazing, if you have reviewed any feel free to leave links in the comment box below or tweet me @tiffsbeautyboxx. Thank you for reading my post :) Loads of Love xxx


  1. I agree 100%. I cancelled after my Christmas box, they were getting so disappointing and seeing this box I'm glad I did cancel. x

    1. You made the right choice!! :)) so rubbish :(( xoxo

  2. I need to sign up for something similar to the Glossy Box here in Canada. Love the blog layout. :)

    Kristine |