Monday, 3 February 2014

My Bedtime Skincare Routine ♥

Good evening lovelies! 

This evening I thought I would share with you my bedtime skincare routine. If there is one thing I have learnt it is a good skincare routine is everything. Whilst I was training to be a make-up artist that was the one thing they drilled in to us, if you want flawless looking skin (and lets be honest who doesn't?? ) You need to have a good routine, so here are some products I use in the evening to remove the day :) When I say to my boyfriend "I'm just going to get ready for bed" he gives me this look like a part of him just died……I like to take my time hehe!! Does anybody else receive this look from loved ones lol! 

These are my top 3 make-up removers I like to use, I always like to mix up my products as I don't like my skin to get used to a certain product because when I do come to change it punishes me with spots!! So here we have the L'Oreal Skin Perfection 15 second miracle oil, I LOVE this it brilliant. It removes all traces of make-up even stubborn eye make up. In the middle we have the Dr Hauschka Cleansing milk, I like to use this when my skin feels really dry as its's gentle and leaves your skin so soft, when using this I do take my eye make-up off with make-up wipes first as its not that great at removing heavy eye make-up. Lastly we have Peaches and Clean from Soap and Glory, I received this in the Full Monty gift set and again I really like this, its gentle on the skin and leaves it soft and smelling AM-A-ZING!! 

After washing off the day I like to follow up with these 2 little beauties. The 9 to5 Cleansing lotion from Lush is lovely, it's so gentle and perfect for those like myself with really dry skin, it cleanses without stripping the skin of all of it's goodness :) I rub it in to my skin and then remove it with a cotton pad. I then use the Tea Tree Water also from Lush. It's in a spray bottle so easy peasy to use, I just spritz it all over my face and leave it to soak in. 

My little bit of luxury. My skin is ridiculously dry so I decided to give the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate a whirl, at first I was like whaaaaaaa an oil on my face, but my goodness this stuff is beautiful, its helped my skin so much I can see such a difference it how it appears!! I apply 3 drops on to my hand and massage in to my skin every night. I then follow with a little bit the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, again this stuff is a god send, love love LOVE it. I highly recommend this moisturiser. Its a lot higher priced (but not actually that bad) than your average drug store moisturiser but its worth every penny. 

If I'm having a crappy skin day like today *sigh* this little gem is a life saver. It's The only spot treatment I have found that actually does what it says on the tin. Apply it before bed and voila by morning spots visibly reduced. 

I hope you have enjoyed my post. What are your favourite skincare products, I love to hear your thoughts and recommendations so feel free to leave your comments or tweet me over at @Tiffsbeautyboxx. Thanks for reading :)


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  1. Lush is perfect! :) Nice blog