Monday, 1 April 2013

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review ♥

I have always been a slave to MAC Studio Fix Fluid I have used it for years and out of habit I always just used to re-buy, however I don't think it staying power is that good well not on my skin anyways by mid morning it would be quite patchy and I would always have to re do my make-up after lunch even with a primer. I started a bit of online research in to other foundations and read a few blogs on Estee Lauder double wear so I decided to give it a go, I really couldn't decide if I liked it or not it DID stay on all day without patching and it did give a really good cover but I found it was just so hard to work with once its on its on and doesn't leave much room for manoeuvre I also felt like my skin couldn't breathe.
I was reading through blogs last week and I came across a few on NARS Sheer Glow Foundation all of the blogs I read had really good things to say about it, so I took myself off to my local Space NK to check it out :)
The lady who served me was in fact wearing it and it looked amazing on her so I was even more keen to get some, so she matched me up and I purchased some, it cost £30.50.

What NARS says: "NARS reinvents foundation with modern formulations designed to enhance your natural complexion without masking it. This sheer weightless formula glides on effortlessly, blurring imperfections and evening skin tone for the ultimate sophisticated finish that allows your skins natural beauty to shine through. NARS' exclusive complexion brightening formula evens and illuminates skin for an immaculate glow. Can be layered to achieve your desired coverage and finish.
If used daily your skins texture improves over time becoming softer, smoother and more luminous".

What I say: WOW!! I think I could actually sing about this foundation!! Its by far the best foundation I have ever used (so far) I am so impressed, I think it really does what it claims!! I was a bit sceptical about the fact it was a 'sheer' foundation as I do like quite a full and flawless coverage, but this is perfect its buildable without looking cakey so if like me you have a few things you need to cover you can build it up to your desired coverage and still look natural but I must admit I did only use a blob and that was more than enough for a perfect flawless cover :)
Its a lot runnier than what I have been used to in the past but it goes on an absolute dream and is so easy to apply it just melts on to the skin.
It makes my skin appear flawless with a really healthy glow, something I've never had from a foundation before, it really does brighten and make your skin look really awake. It also has fab staying power it lasted all day and didnt patch at all!!
I honestly am so so impressed and I am so happy I decided to bite the bullet and try something different!! I am just annoyed I didn't try it sooner!! 10/10 from me!!!

My shade : Mont Blanc Light 2.


 Like most foundations this doesn't come with a pump and annoyingly I forgot to buy one so I will have to pop back and buy one as otherwise I find you get a lot of waste.

Me completely make-up free:
As you can see I have a fair amount to cover as I have quite a bit of redness around my nose and on my cheeks and chin I also have a couple of spots you can see :( one on my chin and the other on my cheek.

Me with Sheer Glow:
 In this photo I have used only one layer of sheer glow I have no other products on or any concealer, you can see it has completely covered my skin all the redness and even the 2 spots which I am really impressed with as my foundations in the past have never covered up spots alone :)

Brushes used:
To apply foundation I always use my MAC 187 duo fibre face brush and this worked perfectly with Sheer Glow :)

Thank you for reading my post :) I really would recommend this foundation!! Please comment with any questions or if you use any foundations that you think are really good, let me know as I am always on the look out for new products. I was tempted by the Dior Forever foundation and the Chanel lumiere Foundation if anyone has used these please let me know what you think. I read and reply to all my comments and really do appreciate them.
lots of love
Tiffany xxx


  1. Thank you for your recommendation! :)

  2. I really want to try NARS foundation, heard so much about it x

    1. You should!!! Im so happy i did!! It really is a gem!! :) thanks for the follow!! Followed back :) xxx