Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Models Own & BarryM Beauties // Im In Love ♥

Hello Lovelies.
Now Im quite a nail polish addict I love the stuff, I even have a whole space in my wardrobe dedicated to my rather large collection, I don't wear half of them admittedly but I just like to know I own them haha! I like all brands of nail polish my most owned brands are Models Own and BarryM in which I own most of the colours on the market..oops. However I had not brought any nail polish for a while until...... I SAW THESE ABSOLUTE BEAUTS!!!!!!! I will start with my Models Own Purchases, I was walking through boots towards the exit actually and these polishes literally shouted my name. The second I saw them I just had to have them, I am actually in love with them. They are the most amazing Glitters I have ever seen. Ever. 

Just look at them *love heart eyes*, and how perfectly named are they also 'Pink Paradise' and 'Mermaid Tears'. These 2 nail polishes are from the Models Own Splash collection and I don't think they could be any more perfectly suited to that collection if they tried. Both Pink Paradise and Mermaid Tears contain chunky foil iridescent glitter pieces Which I love. Mermaid Tears has a lovely purple base colour and the large chunks of foil glitter which when mixed with that purple base colour appear a gorgeous bluey Green. Pink Paradise has a bright pink base colour but also has a base glitter within as well as the foil glitter so this appears a lot more sparkly to the eye. Both shades are designed to be worn above another colour as when worn on nails alone they don't have a huge colour pay off, they are both extremely versatile in which colours they can be worn above. Like most chunky glitters you have to have a dig around the pot to get a good amount of glitter on the brush, I find on average three dabs of this is about enough. 

Next we have the BarryM beauty I spotted, I don't know how I haven't seen this sooner as the colour is just gorgeous. 

This colour is just so beautiful, It reminds me of the Packaging you get from Tiffany&Co so so soooo pretty. It is part of the BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine collection which is meant to mimic a gel manicure when dried which I believe it does not only to the eye with its incredible shine but also to the touch. This is the colour 'Greenberry'. It makes a perfect spring/summer shade what with it's amazing brightness but I can safely say I think I will be Sporting this colour all year round It will Brighten up any outfit on any day :). The Gelly Hi-Shine polishes retail at 3.99 and the Models Own retail at £5 each however Boots were doing 2 for £8 Last weekend so keep an eye out for any future deals. 

Heres some Swatches of all 3 polishes Sorry about the rubbish quality The picture DOES NOT do these colours the justice they deserve and I was Struggling to capture the glitter's. From left inwards we have 'Greenberry', 'Mermaid Tears' and 'Pink Punch'. 

I hope you enjoyed my post thank you for reading, have you tried any of these polishes? What did you think? Whats your favourite nail brand? Please leave me your thoughts or questions I always read and reply to every comment I receive. 

Loads of love x


  1. The gelly paints are by far the best value for money at the moment. They dont chip for ages either. Great post xx

    1. Thank you! :) I know they are great!!! Love them! Xxx

  2. Hi darling, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Do check it out at

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    1. Thank you :) they are the most gorgeous colours!! xxx

  4. I love the colour of the Barry M polish, so pretty! :) xx