Thursday, 26 September 2013

Primark Haul Take 2 ♥

Hello Lovlies. 

I found myself in Primark again recently so I treated myself to a few more little bits, as I said in my last 'winter haul' Primark have so many lovely bits in at the moment its hard not to fill 4 baskets. Heres the items I Brought so enjoy and let me know what you think :)

How gorgeous are these ankle boots??? I love the gold detail on them and for £18 what a bargain. 

I am in desperate need of some new accessories this caught my eye I love how chunky it is and the cute detailing. Amazing value at £3. 

Burgundy Skater Dress with Leather Detailed sleeves and belt £13

Lastly just some black tights to wear with the dress :) Boring tights I know but thought I would share them none the less. 

Hope you enjoyed my post let me know what you think, have you been in Primark recently what do you think of their Autumn/winter items?! I always reply to your comments so make sure you check back :) Thank you for reading.
Lots Of Love xxx


  1. hi..lovely blog..
    Would you like to follow each on both gfc and bloglovin..?
    Let me know..

  2. Oh my gosh that necklace is a BABE for £3!!!!!!!!!! How amazing is that?! Fab find!!!!! xxx
    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I know right?!?!?? Thanks babes!! Get yourself down to Primark!! :)) xxx

  3. New follower here..loving your primark hauls so just had to follow! ...Guess I know where all my wages will be going this month lol! Especially love the boots and dress x

    1. Awwww thank you :)) gorge arnt they :)) xxx

  4. Wish we had primark here, everything you got is lovely specially the boots

  5. I love those boots i saw them a while ago and never got them i wish i had because i cant find them in any primark anymore :(

    Just followed you :)

    Frankie Boo Blog