Saturday, 19 October 2013

GlossyBox October 2013 ♥

Hello Lovlies!!

Is it just me or are the months flying past, I couldn't believe it when my October GlossyBox arrived on my doorstep last week. I always look forward to receiving my GlossyBox the element of surprise always gives you something to look forward to each month, However this month I was left feeling somewhat very disappointed with my box. I always see the odd negative review floating around when its GlossyBox time but this month I think every review I have read has been negative so this didn't fill me with joy while I was waiting for mine to arrive. The theme of the box was dark romance what with it being autumn and all I thought that was a good theme that had so much potential but I really didn't feel the products in the box matched the theme that well at all. I have always been pleased with my boxes theres always the odd product you think whaaaat or you just chuck in a draw but on a whole I have been impressed. This month was clearly just a naff box all round as I said above I haven't seen one review which says differently. Anyway I will stop moaning and let you see what I received.

Me Me Me Cherub Blush Cheek and Lip tint and Monu Illuminating Primer - These were the best products in the Box I think, The Cherubs cheek and lip tint is very similar to Benetint by Benefit, I have never owned a tint before just because they don't really appeal to me but since I received this in my box I will give it a whirl, this product was full size. The Monu Illuminating Primer is a 20 ml Sample size so big enough for a few uses, it's not particularly illuminating if at all actually but it feels soft on the skin so lets see how well it works as a primer.

Mystic Diamond Argon Oil and Harmony Moisturising Smoothie Serum - These are both tiny samples especially the hair oil I know you don't need a lot when using air oil but I think you will push getting anymore than 2 uses out of this, in all honesty I will probably palm this off to someone else (sorry mum) as I'm quite set in my ways with my current hair oils it doesn't have much of a scent so that was a little disappointing. The Smoothie Serum is meant to have a Lemon grass scent but again smells of nothingness weird! I will give it a try as you never know it might be nice if not il send it mums way.

I actually quite like this perfume and it has got a nice wintery feel about it but I will be honest I get really annoyed with perfume samples like this as I could go to my local Debenahms and pick up like 6 of these for free. I always feel these samples are a bit of a cop out.

So there was my October GlossyBox, what did you think? Maybe I was being a little harsh but I was just overly disappointed this month mostly because everything (except the tint) was a tiny sample size hopefully next months will be better. I think I will give it until christmas and then maybe look to trying another beauty box so if you have any recommendations please comment below or tweet me at @tiffsbeautyboxx Thanks for reading dolls Loads of Love Mwah xxx


  1. I like the look of the cheek and lip tint and that's about it, I hate when you get disappointing products that's why I unsubscribed x

  2. Very honest review. I have just signed up and mine should arrive tomorrow. So excited. Hope it's a good one!