Saturday, 31 August 2013

Twitter Account For My Blog ♥

Hello Lovelies, I just wanted to put a quick post up to tell you I have made a separate Twitter account for my Blog 'Tiffany Beauty Box'. I am always quite wary that non Blogger folk on my Twitter may get annoyed with the constant blog spam so by making a separate Twitter we are all happy and I can talk blogs allllll day hahaa! If you follow my Personal account Thats fine and thank you I obviously will still be using that but on a more personal level,  if you would also like to follow my new account that would be greatly appreciated  :) my new account name is @TiffsBeautyBoxx  Thank you girls!! Mwah.


  1. I only just signed up for Twitter today and I expect my friends are already annoyed with the amount of bblogger related stuff! Nice blog, now following GFC x